JD-4(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SD-4 Horseman)

Objective: - Demonstrate basic skill in horse riding and handling a horse.

  1. Have a seat independent of the reins and be able to maintain the correct seat and position of the hands. Have a control of the pony or horse, with knowledge of the correct aids in elementary movements, i.e. turns on the move, circles, increase and decrease speed. Be able to jump low fences

  2. Know the essential grooming kit and its uses

  3. Be capable of saddling, bridling, and rugging up.

  4. Have an elementary understanding of feeding, watering and cleaning the horse or the pony.

  5. Have knowledge of the care and the working of a horse or pony off grass

  6. Recognize a loose or worn shoe, risen clench, excessively long foot, and know what action to take.

  7. Know the parts of a horse

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