JB-1(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SB-1 Camp Warden)

Objective: - Demonstrate the knowledge and skills in basic camping

  1. Know the normal requirements in regard to :-

    1. Personal kit for a week’s camp

    2. Personal kit for a week end hike , camp or cruise

    3. The equipment and rations and menu for a week end Patrol Camp or hike or cruise(7 Scouts). Demonstrate the packing of his personal kit in rucksack or kit bag.

  2. Either know the principal points to look for when selecting a Patrol or troop camp site, and describe with rough plan how he would lay out the Patrol camp with reference to tent, kitchen, sanitation etc. OR know how to select an anchorage, mooring or berth for a rowing or sailing vessel or a sea going vessel.

  3. Have a knowledge of camping standards

  4. Make and show the following knots in use. Slip Reef, Double Sheet bend,, Figure of eight, Bowline on a bight, Manharness hitch.

  5. Pitch, strike and pack and know how to take care of a Patrol tent, and construct a Camp Latrine. Show that he can carry out simple tent repairs.

  6. While living in a camp, cook all meals for himself for 24 hours to the satisfaction of the examiner. While in camp he must make satisfactory arrangements for storing of food and disposal of refuse

  7. Have camped in tent with a Troop or Patrol for a total of not less than 15 nights

Available Badge Examiners

ExaminerAddressEmail AddressPhone Number

Mr. Amil Abeysundara

955/5C1 Kotte Road, Rajagiriya.

Mr. Riza Azoor

65/23 Araliya Uyana, Makandana,Madapatha, Kesbewa

Mr. A Jeganathan

702/6 Aluth Mawatha Road, Colombo 15

Mr. Kapila Kumara

865/7 Obawatte, Heiyanthuduwa

Mr. W. Pathmasiri

368/19, Siri Nandarama Road, (Pipeline Road) 3rd Lane, Thalangama, Battaramulla

Mr. Mahesh Priyadarshana

44053, Thelawala Rd, Mount Lavinia.

Mr. M.M. Rizvi

54/10,Megoda Kolonnawa, Wellampitiya

Mr. Suren Wikkramatilleke

15/16, Railway Avenue, Nugegoda

Mr.Vimarsha Jayawickrama

194/7A, Mihira Mawatha Makuluduwa Piliyandala

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