Messengers of Peace (MoP)

Messengers of Peace World Better Framework Proficiency Badge

(The examiner to inspire, guide and help the Scout to win this badge)


The Messengers of Peace (MoP) is an initiative to promote dialogue, peace and social entrepreneurship which impacts both at the local and national level.

This initiative is also one of Baden Powell’s vision of scouting to be a global network of service to all walks of life, thus the MoP is able to yarn supports from scout organizations which in turns enable scouts to strengthen the youth programs in their own country.

3 Dimensions to build a culture of peace and create positive change

The MoP revolves around 3 educative objectives:

  • Personal Change - Starts with me: Develop of peace culture and attitude which incorporates into my daily life. To commit in positive change through my action and promote a peace culture

  • Community Based Change – In my community: Taking up active roles in the community and joining efforts with others to address local issue.

  • Collective Result – When working together: To promote international cooperation, friendship and understanding through sharing ideas with others.

The Messengers of Peace Learning Cycle

  1. Inspire Explore and Research about local problems, people in action, and good practices.

  2. Learn & Decide Identify your motivations and talents. Choose a field of action. Select useful knowledge, and skills and ideas to apply.

  3. Do Plan your actions, execute, monitor, and report.

  4. Share Share what you did, your experiences, and outcomes, and learnt outcomes

1. Inspire

Junior Scout can be inspired in one of the following ways

  • Observe a Messengers of Peace event or activity organized at Scout Troop, District or National level

  • Watch a documentary/ listen to a speech related to MoP facilitated by District MoP Coordinator/ ADC Program / Scout Leader

2. Learn & Decide

  • Learn and decide on a possible project that junior Scout would like to be involved in. (The subject matter should be in relation to an experience that inspired the Junior Scout), which covers one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Give a Soft copy / Scan statement to Scout Leader regarding the Project plan

  • Scout Leader shall submit proposal format through the ADC Program to District Messengers of Peace Coordinator (Proposal format is annexed)

3. Do

  • Organize the selected service project, spending no less than 18 service hours of individual contribution with the participation of members of the Scout troop (as the organizer of the project)

4. Share

  • Share the success story of the project via website (mandatory) & submit the specimen form (report) to the District Messengers of Peace Coordinator through ADC Program.


With the Recommendation of relevant District officials, District MoP Coordinator shall submit the specimen form to the National Head Quarters & National MoP Core team will issue the Messengers of Peace Ring badge and the certificate. In the absence of District MoP coordinator, ADC Program will submit the specimen form to the NHQ

Project Proposal format and Report format

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