World Environment

JA-11 (Corresponding badge for over 14 1/2 none)

Objective: - Explain and demonstrate his knowledge on nature and the importance of preserving nature.


You should start this only after you have completed the Environment Protection 1-3 in the Progressive scheme.

    1. Explore an area of approximately ½ KM square and prepare a note on places where water is retained. E.g. Water inside buildings, water in toilet systems

    2. Now have a brief discussion with the examiner about the places where you discovered water and expand the discussion as follows

      1. How does the water that you discovered fit into the water cycle?

      2. How is water useful to us?

      3. How does water help plants and animals?

      4. What happens to the water before it comes to our homes? What happens to water that is discarded from our homes?

    1. Select an item from nature and draw a picture of that item

    2. Create a picture or other work of art using natural things. Please make sure that you do not harm any animals, insects or the environment when doing this

    3. Have a basic understanding of native species of animals within a radius of one KM and Discuss with the examiner if any of them are threatened due to changes in the environment

  1. Discuss with the examiner the harmful effects that would incur to us, to the environment and other animals due to use of harmful agricultural chemicals.

  2. Discuss with the examiner how you could practically use the 5R method. i.e.

    1. Refuse- Unnecessary wrappings, leaflets, plastic bags etc.

    2. Repair – clothes, electrical items, etc.

    3. Reduce- waste, buy only things that you really need

    4. Reuse - Purchase second hand things, give away things that you would not use etc.

    5. Recycle- whenever possible buy only things that you could recycle, recycle when Whenever possible

    1. Discuss with the examiner about the effect of natural disasters on humans. Eg: Storms or Cyclones, Droughts, Landslides, Tsunami, Wild fires, Insect plagues, Health epidemic etc

    2. Discuss with the examiner how you can prepare for the safety of yourself, and the neighbors, from such possible disasters

Available Badge Examiners

ExaminerAddressEmail AddressPhone Number

Mr. Lalith Dassanayake

51/3 Perera Mawatha, Pelawatta, Battaramulla

Mrs. Sureka De Silva

33 Rupesinghe Mawatha, Nedimala,Dehiwela

Mr. Janaprith Fernando

100/63 Kurunda Mawatha Thalapathpitiya, Nugegoda

Mr. Amithan Karmegan

Mr. Dharshana Ranathunga

509, Bullers Road, Borella

Mr. Sukumar Rockwood

31, Bullers Lane, Colombo 07

Dr. D.M. Suratissa

Dept of Zoollogy, University of Colombo, Colombo 03

Mr. Rohan Wirasekera

85, Nawala Road, Nugegoda

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