JA-4(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SA-4 LeadingSignaller)

Objective:- To show a basic knowledge in using the Morse and Semaphore signaling

  1. Send & receive a message of not less than 80 letters of rate 6( 30 letters per minute) in Semaphore, or rate 4 ( 20 letters per minute) by flag in Morse.

  2. Send a similar message in Morse

    1. On buzzer at rate 5( 25 letters per minute)

    2. On lamp or torch rate 4(20 letters a minute)

  3. Demonstrate that he knows a recognized procedure when sending and receiving messages

80 per cent accuracy to be required in all tests. Outdoor stations for sending and receiving to be not less than 100 meters apart. Buzzer stations to be in separate rooms


Objective: - To show a basic knowledge in using Radio Communication equipmen

  1. Should have knowledge about the history of communication.

  2. Explain phonetic alphabet and few communication abbreviations.

  3. Demonstrate how to pass and receive a message through a radio communication set.

  4. Send and record a message through Radio telegraphy method not less than 50 words.

  5. Demonstrate how to change batteries of a Radio communication set and recharging procedure

Available Badge Examiners

ExaminerAddressEmail AddressPhone Number

Mr. Chandima Basnayaka

231/18 Seewali Patumaga, Borella.

Mr. Sanidu Fonseka

Group Captain Suloschana Marapperuma

358/AA/1 Ahugammana Demalagama

Mr. T.C. Sirimanna

72/3, Udumulla Road, Battaramulla

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