Junior Collector

JL-2(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SL-2-Outstanding Collector)

Objective:-Demonstrate a basic interest in collecting items as a hobby

  1. The Scout should by his own effort, collect any ONE of the following items (the minimum number of different kinds is indicated within the brackets), mount them in a suitable manner and neatly label them. Specimens from foreign countries may be accepted.:- Match box labels(20), Food can labels (50), Picture post cards (50), Feathers (50), Badges (75), bottle Covers/Stoppers(50), The Examiner may accept any other items similar to the ones listed above. The minimum number to be decided by the examiner.

  2. He should convince the examiner that he made the collection himself.

  3. The Scout master must recommend the Scout to be tested for this badge only if he is personally aware that the Scout has been engaged in this hobby over a considerable period of time.

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