JB-5 (Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SB-4 Senior Pioneer)

Objective: - Demonstrate the skill in cooking without utensils and improvising equipment in camp

  1. Make a satisfactory shelter for two people, using natural material, and sleep alone or with another Scout for at least one night

  2. Prepare and cook without utensils, or cook in clay 3 types of food

  3. Demonstrate three of the following :-

    1. Improvised methods of moving injured persons having due regard to their safety and comfort.

    2. Climb a tree to a height of at least 20 feet from the ground and lash the foundation spars of a lookout post

    3. Row a boat, paddle a canoe pole a punt for about ½ K.M.

    4. Construct a gadget or a sundial to find the true north

    5. Any method of purifying water and of straining muddy water

Available Badge Examiners

ExaminerAddressPhone Number

Mr. Chinthaka Janaranjana

289/36, Morakatiya Kiriwaththuduwa,

Mr H.L.M.P. Namunukula

119 E, Rahula Mawatha, Andiambalama

Mr. Lal Premarathna

334/F, Polgahapitiya, Angoda

Mr. Suren Wikkramatilleke

15/16, Railway Avenue, Nugegoda

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