Scouts Go Solar Challenge

Examiner to help and guide the Scout in doing this badge

Examiner to give details of the activities and help the Scout to select the activity that he would prefer

  1. Know about Sun, Solar energy and how it is related to our life

  2. Know about renewable & nonrenewable energy sources

  3. Know about good and bad impacts of the Sun on health and environment

  4. Know about how to minimize bad impacts of the Sun on health and environment

  5. Know about the uses of solar energy and the technologies to harness the energy from Sun.

  6. Perform following Solar activities (03 activities from each section) during a level 02 Solar introduction workshop

Sun is Life – Activity List

  • Chasing Light

  • Shadow Thief

  • Solar Art

  • Colours of Solar energy

  • Sundial

  • Solar and other energy sources

Impact of the Sun on health and environment – Activity List

  • Sunglasses

  • Your greenhouse

  • Ozone and sunburn

  • Don’t get a sunburn

  • How to treat a sunstroke?

Uses of solar energy – Activity List

  • Sun one day – Every day

  • Solar box cooker (Compulsory)

  • Pure water (SODIS method)

  • Collect water

Go Solar – Activity List

  • Have a Solar lunch (Compulsory – Balanced diet)

  • Use clean water

  • Have a solar shower

  • Solar charger


With the Recommendation of relevant District officials, District Coordinator shall submit the specimen form to the National Head Quarters & National Scouts Go Solar Challenge coordinator will issue the Badge and the certificate. In the absence of District coordinator, ADC Program will submit the specimen form (report) to the NHQ.

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