JA-6(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SA-6 Path Finder)

Objective:- Be able to direct a person to important locations in a specified area

  1. Show ( whenever reasonable in a practical way) that he knows the locality surrounding his home and his Scout headquarters, up to one KM radius in municipalities and Urban Councils and up to two KM radius in other areas. The D.C, may at his discretion, vary the area to exclude undesirable neighbourhoods, parks or other open spaces and include an equivalent area

  2. Know the whereabouts of the following:-

    1. Doctors, Ayurvedic physicians , Veterinary surgeons, dentists, hospitals, dispensaries, police etc.

    2. Fire station, garage, post office, Electricity board

    3. Bus stops, Railway stations, and routes of buses and trains to surrounding areas

    4. District Scout headquarters, public parks, Banks, theatres, cinemas, places of religious worship, museums, shops, markets, Public conveniences, and any building or places of local interest

    5. Homes of his District Commissioner, G.S.M, S.M, Grama Niladari, and the Scouts of his Patrol

  3. Show that he understands how to use the map of the district and use it to point out at least 6 examples of (2) above. The Scout should guide the examiner to any place covered by the above by the shortest route.

  4. Have a general knowledge of means of access by road, train or public transport to nearest city, town or suburbs. Be able to give general directions to get from his home or headquarters to six places of general interest in his city town or village.

Available Badge Examiners

Mr. M.K.M. Inthikaaf

22 Rodney Place Colombo 08.

Mr. Chinthaka Janaranjana

289/36, Morakatiya Kiriwaththuduwa,

Mr. Suraz Jayah

48 Sakvithi uyana, Thlagalawatta, Kiriwattuduwa

Mrs. Inoka Jayasekera

8/A, Walpola, Angoda

Mr. S. Jayasuriya

Lions Club of Nugegoda, School Lane, Nawala

Mr. Ravindra Ranasinghe

465/5/5, Heiyanthuduwa watta, Makola South, Makola

Mr. Upul Ranasinghe

59/5, Suraweera Mawatha, Thalahena, Malabe

Mr. Rohitha Steinwall

75/D/2,Gramodaya Mawatha, Kalalgoda, pannipitiya

Mrs. Nalani Weerasinghe

293/8, Sheran, Thalapathpitiya Temple Road, Nugegoda

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