JH-2(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SH-1-Tracker)

Objective: - Demonstrate basic skill in stalking camouflaging etc.

  1. Demonstrate his ability to stalk and use cover, camouflage, winds, shadows, and back ground by doing the following.

    1. By day-

      1. Cross half a Kilo Meter of open country to approach an observer in a known position OR in town shadow an observer for half a KM and report on his actions.

      2. Camouflage himself against a three different back grounds, if possible under varying weather conditions

    2. By night-

      1. Approach unseen and unheard, within a reasonable distance, according to local conditions , an observer whose position is known.

      2. Locate and pass between two observers stationed a reasonable distance apart according to conditions at the time of the test.

  2. Give proof of having stalked and studied at least 4 wild birds or animals in their natural state in the open by describing the results of his observations, or by producing sketches or photos which he has made.

  3. Make at least three plaster casts of tracks of animals, one of which must be wild. All casts to be taken unaided and correctly labeled with date and place of making

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