Air Spotter

JJ-3(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SJ-3- Air Observer)

Objective: - Ability to identify Fix Wing and Rotor Wing combat Aircraft since World War II to present and early stages of passenger and Cargo Aircraft.

  1. Be able to identify 75% of Aircraft list of the examiner.

  2. Complete following activities:

    1. Make scrap book about evaluation of combat aircraft of the World War II.

    2. Make scrap book about Aircraft which were used by Sri Lanka Air Force.

    3. Complete one of the following activities:

      1. Recognize and name national aircraft markings, both service and civil, of at least six countries including Sri Lanka.

      2. Name three basic training aircraft used in private flying. Give a brief report on one, naming a club and airfield where it is used (local, wherever possible).

    4. Describe the key recognition features of six aircraft of the examiner

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