JC-3(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SC-3 Senior Scholar)

Objective: - Demonstrate the skill and interest in academical work at school

  1. Present evidence that he has scored more than 50% in all the subjects that he is studying and over 60% in at least 3 of the subjects at the school examination held for one year proceeding the date of his being examined for the badge.(Report books to be made available to the examiner)

  2. Produce exercise books of at least 3 subjects to prove that he has maintained his books in good condition and has done his work neatly, methodically and in good handwriting.

  3. Show that he can use a dictionary, an encyclopedia, and an atlas.

  4. Satisfy the examiner that he has a reasonably good general knowledge according to his age and grade(Class) that he attends at school.

  5. Produce evidence with a letter from the class teacher that he has been regular and punctual to school during the calendar year, has been of good behavior and has shown loyalty to the school

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