JA -1 (Corresponding badge for over 14 Years 6 months – SA - 1 Interpreter)

Objective:- To be basically conversant in a language other than his own.

Carry out the following tests in any language other than his own.:-

  1. A simple conversation for 10 minutes.

  2. Write a simple letter of at least 100 words

  3. Translate in his own time & with the help of a dictionary, an easy passage from a book or periodical(Scout literature to be used where available)

Available Badge Examiners

ExaminerAddressEmail AdressContact Details

Mr. M.K.M. Inthikaaf

22 Rodney Place Colombo 08.

Mr. Amithan Karmegan

Mr. M.F.S. Muheed

30,Carron Place, Kalubowila, Dehiwela

Mrs. Heshini Samarakoon

955/5C1, Kotte Road, Rajagiriya

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