JA-9(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SA-9 Pilot)

Objective: - Demonstrate the ability in basics of handling a small craft

  1. Name the different parts of a pulling boat or a rubber dinghy

  2. Take charge of a boat’s crew and demonstrate that he can

    1. Use correct pulling orders

    2. Bring the boat alongside a vessel or a landing stage

    3. Anchor correctly

    4. Maintain boat discipline

  3. Know the elementary rule of Road at sea for ships.

  4. Know how to put the following and their uses:- Clove Hitch, Rolling Hitch, Fisherman’s Bend

  5. Know the gear that should be properly carried in a pulling or motor boat

Available Badge Examiners

ExaminerPhone Number

Mr. Nishan De Silva

33 Rupesinghe Mawatha, Nedimala,Dehiwela

Capt. Suresh De Silva

Mr. T.C. Sirimanna

72/3, Udumulla Road, Battaramulla

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