Messenger of Peace

SA-12 (Corresponding badge for over 14 1/2 none)

Objective: - Demonstrate action taken by him to create peace by helping others, and making others happy


You could start the work for this, only after completing the Good Habits 1, 2, and 3 in the Awards scheme .

Please follow the 3 steps as given below. The examiner for this would be the ADC Programme of the District.

  1. Locating the web site and entering data : Go to web site in the internet. For this you may ask for the help of your parents, Scout Master, the A.D.C.(Prog.) of your District or any other person who knows about the internet. Now you must register here giving your e mail address.

  2. Carry out a service project : This should have a minimum of 5 man hours. Please seek the help and advice of your Scout Master about doing this project

  3. Enter details about your project and photographs in the internet : Now enter (Upload) a brief description about your project, with a photograph or two in the web site under your name. Please remember to enter the number of Man hours that you worked in the correct place. Also enter in the world map shown there, where you did this project in Sri Lanka

Availble Badge Examiners

ExaminerAddressPhone Number

Mr. Nazeef Farook

97/71 A,Samagi Mawatha, Weleywatta, Wellampitiya

Mr. Amithan Karmegan

Mr. Miral Priyanga

Mr. Damian Silva

National Head Quarters (by prior appointment)

Mr. Suren Wikkramatilleke

15/16, Railway Avenue, Nugegoda

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