JF-1(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SF-1 Artist)

Objective: - Demonstrate basic skill in a specific form of art

  1. Demonstrate his interest, practice and proficiency in one of the following

    1. Graphic Art- sketching, painting, etching, wood cuts etc.

    2. Decorative Art-Printed or woven fabrics, posters, book jackets, wrought iron etc.

    3. Plastic Art- Modeling in clay, plasticine etc., designing and making pottery etc.

    4. Carving - Wood, stone, or semi permanent material e.g. Soap

    5. Lettering- Calligraphy

  2. Know the names and about the work of at least three famous exponents of the art that he has selected.

  3. Make a sketch of some object, or a group of objects or design selected by him , related to the field selected by him in the presence of the examiner

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