JH-6(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SH-6-Senior Explorer)

Objective:- Demonstrate the skill and interest in exploring areas not known to him and his ability to use the compass

  1. Arrange and carry out an expedition for himself and at least two other Scouts, preferably members of his Patrol, for not less than two days and one night duration in country previously not visited. All equipment to be carried in rucksacks, and to include food. Each rucksack to weigh not more than 14 Kilograms

  2. Plan a project and submit it to the examiner for approval: carry out the project alone or with another Scout to the satisfaction of the examiner. The type of project should be a simple exploration such as identifying and mapping all foot paths , by lanes or waterways within one Kilometer radius of a given point

  3. Complete a journey, of three miles with a companion, using compass bearings only. Four different bearings by degrees to be given by the examiner for this purpose A map may be used.

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