Hand Worker

JK-2(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SK-2-Handicraftsman)

Objective: - Show a basic skill in one type of hand working skills, and the care of the tools used.

  1. Show the examiner that he has regularly worked at one of the following for at least six months; book binding; rattan work ;wood work ; leather work ; metal work ; fret work ; printing ; tailoring ; or any other handiwork the examiner would accept as equivalent to the one4s listed.

  2. He should be able to handle tools and/ or the raw material with ease in the handwork that he has chosen.

  3. He should have an elementary knowledge and a practical experience of the handwork that he has chosen

  4. He should produce at least one item in the hand work field that he has selected in the presence of the examiner. His workmanship should be neat.

  5. He should know how to take care of the tools and material used in his handiwork.

  6. Explain to the examiner any precautions that one should take to prevent injuries.

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