Life Saver

JA-8(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SA-8 Rescuer)

Objective: - Demonstrate and explain the knowledge on action necessary to be taken to rescue a person in an emergency

  1. Show and demonstrate method of rescue a person in the following: -

    1. Drowning in water

    2. House Fire

    3. Car accident with or without fire

    4. Contact with live electric wire

  2. Demonstrate CPR and recovery position. (A living person should not be used to demonstrate CPR)

  3. Throw a 20-meter life line to fall between two pegs twice out of every three throws. Pegs to be about 1 ½ Meters apart and 15 meter from the thrower.

  4. Demonstrate making the Fireman’s Chair knot, Bowline on a bight and Figure of eight on a bight

  5. Demonstrate how to evacuate a person by fireman’s lift or crawl.

Available Badge Examiners

AddressEmail AddressPhone number

Mr. Yohan Abeysekera

84/2A, Dostarawatte, Pepiliyana Road, Nugegoda.

Mr. Senaka De Fonseka

73 E/4, 06th Lane, Lake Crescent, Attidiya,Attidiya, Dehiwala

Group Captain Suloschana Marapperuma

358/AA/1 Ahugammana Demalagama

Mr. Asanka Nanayakkara

Life Saving Association of Sri Lanka

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