Dialogue for Peace

Better World Framework Badge - Dialogue for Peace

The examiner to help and guide the Scout to win this badge

Mechanism of Passing the badge is through National, Provincial and District Level Dialogue for Peace Camps

1. Learn

Choose six learning objectives (objectives 1, 2 and 3 are mandatory)& learn about those with the help of the Badge examiner.

  1. Explain to others the Ten Principles of Dialogue

  2. Attend a learning session on dialogue

  3. Understand and demonstrate that all people are equal and unique

  4. Understand that differences imply different needs and perceiving things differently

  5. Identify threats of conflict/ misunderstanding between community members

  6. Be aware of the different ways of conducting a good dialogue session

  7. Explore a local area of different with a different group of people (minority, ethnic group, etc.)

  8. Understand the need for a safe environment for dialogue

  9. Be aware of national issues that were caused by the lack of dialogue and the reason behind it

  10. Demonstrate what personal action can be taken to be a dialogical person/Scout

  11. Recognize how people are connected with each other and there is no escape from communicating and having dialogues with each other, whatever the distance

  12. Identify a local area with a conflict and discuss how the conflict came about

  13. Demonstrate how to help other people to be prepared to respond to conflicts/ misunderstanding caused by the lack of dialogue

2. Learn

Choose one activity& complete the activity with the help of the Badge examiner.

  1. Participate in a national dialogue-related project

  2. Plan and execute a dialogue event

  3. Write a paper on dialogue, its importance in your local community and present it to your peers (in school, local non-governmental organization, etc.)

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