Map Maker

JH-3(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SH-3 -Surveyor)

Objective:- Demonstrate the skill in compass work, map reading and map making by triangulation

  1. Know and be able to use conventional signs used in 1: 50,000 Ordnance Survey Maps.

  2. Know the 32 points of the compass and be able to find north by day and by night.

  3. Be able to read an one inch Ordnance Survey maps, interpreting the conventional signs and contours accurately

  4. Be able to make Latitudinal and Longitudinal reference up to seconds for any point on 1: 50,000 O.S. Map.

  5. By using the plane table survey (Triangular method) make a map of the area 400 meters by 400 meters to scale. Area to be selected by the examiner.

  6. Enlarge such portions of a 1: 50,000 OS Map as the examiner may determine to a scale of 3 centimeters to a Kilometer

  7. Draw a map of a route selected by the examiner not to exceed 2 KM showing all main features within a reasonable distance on either side to a scale of 4 CM to a KM.

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