JG-4(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SG-4 Poultryman, SG-5 Dairyman)

Objective :- Explain basic knowledge on small holdings

A Scout may attempt any one of the following


    • Rear at least 6 poultry for one year and know what food to give them

    • Show a knowledge of the treatment of common diseases. 19

    • Know to recognize the sick birds

    • Manage grass and earth runs .Know about deep litter runs

    • Show a knowledge in the treatment of broody hens

    • Understand the running of an incubator

    • Know how to feed and rear young birds

    • Name four breeds .

  • BEES

    • Demonstrate hive management and the handling of bees

    • Be able to recognize lava, good and foul broods, and sealed honey and know at least one method of preventing a swarm

    • Be able to take a swarm and know the principals of artificial feeding

    • Recognise the Queen, the worker and drones and know the life cycle.

    • Produce a sample of honey from his own hive and discuss the importance of its production and factors that affect it.

  • FISH

    • Set up and keep an aquarium containing a proper balance of fresh water fish and plant life.( a minimum of three different kinds of fish to be kept)

    • Be able to recognize at least 5 species of popular breeds of fish and be acquainted with their habitat

    • Know the right type of food for the fish that he is rearing and know the proper quantities and the frequency of food.

    • Discuss with the examiner the maintenance of the aquarium during the year with particular reference to the results obtained

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