Tide Turners Plastic Challenge

Tide Turners Plastic Challenge badge Better World Framework

The badge to be done with the guidance and the help of the examiner

The Tide Turners Plastic Challenge is a global initiative developed by UNEP, adopted by the World Scout Organization as an integral component of its Earth Tribe Initiative.

The Tide Turners Plastic Challenge will help young people to understand the impact that humans have in the world when it comes to plastic use and consumption and how you can promote a clean, healthy planet that will contribute to a more sustainable world.

The Tide Turners Plastic Challenge supports the development of a specific set of competencies in young people to adopt responsible behavior towards the environment in the area of a “Healthy planet.” This set of competencies is complementary to many others that Scouting recognizes through the Earth Tribe Programme and aligned with Education for Sustainable Development Goals.

By taking up the Tide Turners Plastic Challenge, young people develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Age Groups

  1. 7 years – 11 years (Cub section)

  2. 11 years – 14 1/2 years (Junior Scout section)

  3. 14 1/2 years and above (Senior Scout & Rover sections)

Be aware

  • Complete a Self-Assessment on how much does Junior Scout understand the issues related to plastics, plastic waste, and plastic pollution. (Examiner to advice the Scout and give the necessary documents)

  • Complete Plastic Audit Quiz to assess plastic usage in Junior Scout’s day today life. (Examiner to advice the Scout and give the necessary documents)

  • Complete minimum of 4 activities from the Healthy Planet Activity list for the Preventing and Recovering water and land Ecosystems from pollution.

  • (Examiner to give details of the activities and help the Scout to select the activity that he would prefer)

List of activities

  1. Audit your Plastic Habit

  2. Identify alternatives to plastic

  3. Needs and Wants

  4. When do they degrade

  5. Bottle planters

  6. Changing Minds

  7. Biggest Plastic Footprint

  8. Segregation at Source

  9. Poster Campaign

  10. Changing Minds

  11. Biggest Plastic Footprint


  • Plan an environment related community service project at Scout troop level with the help of Scout Leader (with the participation of maximum group of 8 Junior Scouts /1 Patrol). Contribution from each Junior Scout Should be 10 service hours.

    • Identify environmental issues or needs in your area with the teams, community, and partners.

    • Explore possible solutions with fellow Junior Scouts

    • Design an action plan to execute the community project


  • Execute the agreed plans for the service project.

  • Submit a report to the badge examiner on the Service project

  • Share the project on www.scout.org from Scout’s own scout.org account


With the Recommendation of relevant District officials, District Coordinator shall submit the specimen form to the National Head Quarters & National Tide Turners Plastic Challenge coordinator will issue the Badge and the certificate. In the absence of District coordinator, ADC Program will submit the specimen form (report) to the NHQ.

Project Proposal & Report

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