JD-3(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SD-3 MasterSportsman)

Objective: - Demonstrate the knowledge in different types of sports

  1. Know the basic rules or the laws of two outdoor games, such as Rugby Football, Association Football, Cricket, Hokey, Volley Ball, Basket ball, Elle, Lawn Tennis, Squash, Badminton, and Table Tennis etc. Have taken an active part in one of them

  2. Prove to the examiner by a letter from his coach or Principal that he takes an interest in games and is punctual and regular at organized practices and has shown good sportsmanship

  3. Know the names and performance of leading national and local players in two of the games selected by the Scout

  4. Discuss with the examiner the advantages which can be gained from participation in sports(Games) and show that he has a good knowledge of the history of two games selected by him


  1. Write this badge syllabus on your log book

  2. Make typed documents for requirements 1, 3, and 4

    1. Make a document with a brief description on two well known sportsmen of the sport you do both locally and internationally(one per each) .

    2. Write the history of the two sports, and the rules of the two sports you do.

  3. Download the letter format given, edit according to your need and get it approved by the prefect of games in school. 2022 - Mr. Anandan. Take this letter when you are going to meet the examiner

  4. Take any sport certificate you have got related to the sports you have mentioned to the examiner

  5. Take the Scout Leader issued badge chit and the membership boo you are given

  6. Schedule an appointment with the examiner

  7. Go in full uniform

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