Boatswain's Mate

JI-1(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SI-1-Boatswain)

Objective: - Demonstrate basic skill in handing a boat and ability to understand Bo ‘suns calls.

  1. Repair a small leak in a pulling boat or dinghy.

  2. Be able to make the following bends and hitches:

    1. Timber Hitch

    2. Rolling Hitch

    3. Marlin spike Hitch

    4. Blackwall Hitch

    5. Midshipman’s Hitch

    6. Fisherman’s Bend

    7. Carrick Bend

    8. Bowline on a bight

    9. Running Bow line

    10. Mouse a hook: Short and Eye Splices, Single wall and Crown, and a Mathew Walker. Make one form of a stopper knot.

  3. Make a fender, either of rope or canvas suitable for a pulling boat.

  4. Know how to start the engine of a small boat, check fuel and oil etc.

  5. Know the contents of a boat’s bag

  6. Make the following on a Bo’sun’s pipe:

    1. Dinner

    2. The Still

    3. Lash up and stow

    4. Away ship’s boat

    5. Carry on

    6. Pipe Down

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