JI-3(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SI-3- Master Canoeist

Objective: - Demonstrate basic skills in handing a canoe

  1. Be able to swim 50 Meters with clothes on( shirt and shorts as a minimum)

  2. Perform the following in either single or two seater canoe, in latter case while being in charge in the rear seat :-

    1. Handle canoe in to water and make fast

    2. Get into canoe from shore and paddle into mid stream

    3. Demonstrate correct paddling technique by paddling 50 meters up stream, turning and paddling back

    4. Canoe in deep water, bring canoe to short and empty out water

    5. Re- embark into canoe from water knee deep.

  3. Be able to make simple repairs to a canoe, know what repair kit to be carried in canoe, and show how to maintain a canoe in good condition.

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