Junior Journalist

(JC-6) (Corresponding badge for over14 1/2 Journalist Senior-SC-6)

Objective: - Be able to explain basically different fields of mass media, and be able to do basic work on media as a journalist.

  1. Write an imaginary news item for a Media that you prefer (e.g. - news paper/ Radio/Television) about any Project organized by your Scout Group or school. Please note that the public has to be informed through your news item and the important aspects of the event to be included.

  2. Either design a poster to publicize a Scout Camp , a sports meet or any such event OR Design a leaflet to educate Scouts about one requirement of the Group Scout Master’s Award

  3. Conducting an interview. Invite a parent who in knowledgeable on a particular subject and conduct an interview with that parent. You must have prior preparation for this interview, a brief report on this interview to be submitted to the examiner.

  4. Submit to the examiner a verbal report on a meeting/ show/ Open air display/Scout Jamboree on the air, where you have or involved in any level on media publicity

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