JB-3(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SB-3 Naturalist)

Objective: - Demonstrate the knowledge and skill in basic woodcraft

  1. Keep a woodcraft diary for six months giving records with dates and places of not less than 10 birds, 10 plants, 10 trees, 10 butterflies or moths, and a short account of other animals which have been seen; and illustrate the records with pencil sketches or photographs, carbon impressions or pressed specimens of leaves etc.

  2. Make a collection of 20 different species of flowers, ferns, grasses, giving names, places and dates, and recognize them as well and give a short description of 5 of the specimens

    1. OR Make a collection of photographic or carbon impressions or sketches or plaster casts of leaves of 20 trees and 5 shrubs giving names, places and dates, and recognize them.

    2. OR Make 15 sketches of animals or birds from life, and give a brief description of their habitat, eating habits etc.

    3. OR Keep a simple aquarium for three months, stocked with specimens collected by him, and discuss his observations with the examiner.

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