Wireless Man

JK-1(Corresponding badge for over 14Yrs 6 months – SK-1- Radiomechanic)

Objective: - Demonstrate basic knowledge in wireless technology

  1. Connect a wireless receiver to its external connections including aerial, earth and power supply. Know the safety precautions necessary with mains etc.

  2. Construct a very simple wireless receiver and tune it to a local broad casting station or other transmitter, signals receivable on head phones or loud speaker. Kits may be used.

  3. Soft solder a joint between two copper wires smaller than 16SWG.

  4. Run neatly the wiring for an extension loud speaker from one room to another and ensure that both loud speakers operate simultaneously satisfactorily.

  5. Know what Blue Tooth technology is. Use this technology to communicate a message from one room to another using a mobile phone and a Bluetooth speaker/another phone..

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